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The Asahina lab seeks postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates with a passion for biology. We are particularly excited to welcome those with the following qualifications:

– Knowledge of electrical engineering

– Programming skills, especially experience with MATLAB

– Experience with deep sequencing, including bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data and data mining from genomic databases

– Experience with neurophysiological experiments (electrophysiology, functional imaging)

– Knowledge of social insects.

For inquiries into a postdoc position:

Please send me your most recent CV, and a brief statement describing (1) the types of questions you are interested in asking in my lab, (2) how your previous experience would be an asset to my lab, and (3) what project(s) you would like to work on in my lab. Your CV should include the contact information for three senior scientists who are willing to provide a reference for you.

For inquiries into graduate student positions:

You must be admitted to either the UCSD Biology Graduate Program or the UCSD Neuroscience Graduate Program. If you would like to rotate in my lab, please contact me at least 6 weeks in advance to discuss project ideas and the possibility of rotation.

For inquiries into undergraduate internships:

You may pursue an academic credit under BILD 99 / BISP 199 (Independent/Individual Research) in my lab. Please send me your most recent CV and a brief statement describing what aspect of biology interests you the most, and why you find my research program particularly appealing.

Contact: Kenta Asahina [kasahina at]

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